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Hiring Contractors for your Startup: Good or Bad?


Understand if hiring contractors, or freelancers, is a trend or is temporary and what are the main advantages of this hiring model.

The way human beings have dedicated their time to producing over the years has not been the same

This has been directly related to technological change and the transformation of human behavior. It is clear that, as economic development reached a high stage, the time used in production processes was reduced and we multiplied productivity unimaginably and uninterruptedly.

In this context of high dynamism and vertiginous changes, more flexible, more specialized, and very different forms of work have emerged from those hitherto known and accelerated by the great confinement generated by the pandemic.

We went from a rigid model to a flexible one. The new generations, also have a new perspective on employment, time, and even, how they project their careers.

For companies, a more flexible form of contracting presents multiple challenges, but even more advantages. Freelancers bring a different view, and make much more viable to hire people for projects, and scale your team on demand.

There is no doubt that in these times lots of companies look for a way they can lower expenses and one of the best ways they can do that is by hiring freelance workers as part of their business model. That way they don't need to carry with them employees who are not working at 100% of the time and they only pay for what they use instead of paying for an employee on a full time basis.

So hiring freelancers is an advantage for companies that are starting out or have limited budgets, as they can access talent faster and hire them in a way that's cheaper.

The talent of the workers or the human capital is fundamental for the growth. Those who know how to incorporate these transformations more quickly are those who achieve the best economic results. Freelancers aren't just people that can be hired to fill in a gap in your staffing, they're valuable assets that can propel your company forward—if you give them the opportunities they deserve.

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