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Outsourcing to Latin America: Why it Became a Trend

A Guide to hire and pay vetted Latam talents with great value for money and in local compliance

The Latin American continent has managed to adapt to the change in global production trends, understanding the technological revolution as a great opportunity to improve its levels of economic development.

In this sense, many companies have turned to looking for Latin American talent, highlighting the excellent skills presented and the low cost compared to hiring in European or North American countries.

This point is key since it is not only an economic issue... it would not make sense to reduce costs by resigning quality and productivity.

Where to hire?

The pandemic also encouraged remote work, and has contributed to the number of companies that are looking for qualified talents around the world.

Countries such as Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, and Mexico show very remarkable rates of talent training in the IT and marketing sector, placing them as significant providers of talent worldwide.

How to hire pre-vetted talents in Latin American

This trend presents a set of elements to consider, such as where to find the right talent, how to be in compliance with local regulations, and how to make payments.

Free The Freela is an All-in-one solution for US. and European startups that want to expand their remote teams to Latin America. The platform allows companies to hire vetted LatAm talents in similar timezones and handles payroll, candidate benefits, taxes, and local compliance.

Hiring through the platform is a great way to be safe while hiring in another country, and also helps create fair work relations, providing talents with dollar payments and great benefits.

More than a million software engineers are located in Latin America. Brazil, Panama, Argentina, and Chile are also becoming extremely popular, with a large percentage of skilled and well-prepared Latin American software developers, engineers, marketers and designers. That's an amazing opportunity for companies that want to cut costs, without losing quality. 

Start growing your business now. Free The Freela can connect your company with thriving, highly-skilled talents today. 

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