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Success Stories: How Handly tapped into the Latin American market to grow their tech team

Handly is a startup based in the United States but has a global customer base. Handly has been successful in hiring Latin American talents through Free The Freela, a platform that connects businesses with vetted talents in Latin America.

Here are some of the reasons why Handly has been successful in hiring Latin American talents through Free The Freela:

Quality of Work

Handly has been impressed with the quality of work produced by the Latin American talents they've hired through Free The Freela. The platform only accepts talents who have passed a rigorous screening process, ensuring that the talents are highly skilled and experienced. This has resulted in high-quality work that meets Handly's standards and expectations.

Free The Freela is an amazing solution to get quality talent in Latin America. They helped us with 8 hires in the past two months, and the process was seamless - It was our first time hiring outside the US, and we didn’t have to worry about anything. Eric Damon, CEO Handly

Cost Savings

By hiring Latin American talents through Free The Freela, Handly has been able to save on labor costs without sacrificing quality. Talents in Latin America typically charge lower rates than their counterparts in the United States, allowing Handly to hire top talent at a fraction of the cost. This has helped Handly to scale their business without breaking the bank.

Cultural Compatibility

One of the key benefits of working with Latin American talents is the cultural compatibility. Latin American talents are often fluent in English and share similar cultural values and work ethics with their US-based counterparts. This has made it easy for Handly to communicate with their talents and build strong working relationships.


Free The Freela allows Handly to hire talents on a project-by-project basis, providing them with the flexibility they need to scale their business as needed. This has allowed Handly to tap into a wider pool of talent and to hire talents for specialized projects that require specific skill sets.

Overall, Handly's success in hiring Latin American talents through Free The Freela is a testament to the quality of talent available in the region. By leveraging the platform's screening process and hiring practices, Handly has been able to find highly skilled and experienced talents who provide great value for money. As more startups look to expand globally, platforms like Free The Freela will continue to play an important role in connecting businesses with top talent in Latin America.

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